The high-quality CARPANTIC wooden floor is made entirely of natural wood. It is characterized by high functional and aesthetic performance. For durable use of the floor, it is recommended to adhere to the following basic rules for care:

  1. The temperature of use of a wooden floor in the room is 18°C–24°C.
  2. Relative humidity in the room is 45%–60%.
  3. Maintenance of the floor should be carried out only with the help of means intended for this purpose: “Soap for floor washing”, “Oil for care”, “Means for the floor, covered with oil”.
  4. Daily care should be limited to vacuuming or sweeping the floor.
  5. It is necessary to remove sand from the surface as soon as possible, as it provokes the appearance of scratches and small dents.
  6. In order to remove dust, use dry and soft brushes, lightly damp cloths with or without detergent. Do not leave wet spots on the floor!!!
  7. To protect the floor from mechanical damage by furniture, use felt pads, mats, or artificial covering.
  8. It is forbidden to cover the wooden floor with plastic wrap or other materials that do not allow moisture and air to pass through.

More information on caring for the floor can be found on the link.

   CARPANTIC UKRAINE, LLC, provides a warranty for its product - the CARPANTIC еngineering flooring - for a period of 10 years, which is calculated from the date of purchase of the floor specified in the document on its purchase (invoice)
   Prior to the recognition of claims, the Supplier reserves the right to inspect the floor at the place of installation.
In case of detection of defects in the goods specified in the PN-EN 13489:14342 quality requirements, the Supplier is obliged to replace the goods with deficiencies with a quality one or make a discount. When a possible replacement of the goods, the warranty period shall stop.
The warranty on the purchased CARPANTIC flooring board is provided by the Supplier, subject to the Customer’s compliance with the warranty conditions for:
- transportation and storage;
- parquetry;
- use.

The letter of guarantee should be confirmed at the point of sale at which the purchase was made.
CARPANTIC UKRAINE, LLC, wishes you to have fun and good impressions from the acquisition and use of the CARPANTIC floor.

More information on warranty conditions can be found on the link.

        Submission of a claim

  When confirming the defectiveness of the floor, according to the rules specified in the warranty conditions, claims should be made. The claim should be submitted in writing within 30 days of the occurrence of the defect, adding a properly completed warranty card and proof of purchase of the given floor. The claim should be submitted to the point of sale where the Customer made the purchase, or directly to the Supplier. The claim should be accompanied by the documents listed in the warranty and, if possible, a photo of the floor with defects. In order to verify the validity of warranty claims, the Supplier reserves the right to inspect the defective floor at the site of its installation within an agreed period. The Supplier is obliged to consider the claims of the applicant within 14 working days from the date of the claim. The Supplier will notify the Customer in writing or by e-mail about the method of satisfaction of the warranty claims. If a claim is accepted during the warranty period, the Supplier may: replace the defective product with a product without defects or free of charge to eliminate all defects associated with defects in materials or floor structures. The Supplier’s liability cannot exceed the cost of the floor purchased. This warranty does not exclude, limit, or suspend the rights of the Customer, which arise due to non-compliance of the goods with the contract. In cases that are not regulated by the provided guarantee, the provisions of the current legislation of Ukraine shall be applied.

        Statement of Limited Liability:

   CARPANTIC UKRAINE, LLC, is a Supplier of holistic and layer flooring materials, including oak flooring board for floor heating, makes every effort to ensure the best quality of the offered flooring materials, but is not responsible for the shortcomings caused by factors independent of the Supplier. In all cases, the team of our experts will do everything possible to return normal operation to the floor materials delivered as soon as possible. However, the liability of CARPANTIC UKRAINE, LLC, is limited to the volume specified in the warranty conditions.

   A multi-layered floor (all layers are made of wood, the upper one is about 6 or 4mm thick) with wax oils ready for use immediately after parquetry, and its installation is very fast.The CARPANTIC multi-layer wooden floor can be installed in two ways: either by gluing to concrete, or by floating.
   The floor can be laid on various hard surfaces, such as: concrete, anhydrite, old wooden floor, ceramic tile, etc. Soft linings should be removed when installing the floor using gluing to concrete.The base on which the floor is laid should, first of all, be of adequate humidity, be even and clean. From the moment of delivery of the flooring board to the place of installation, at least 48 hours should pass by the time the installation works begin. Since then, its temperature and humidity parameters stabilize and acclimatize in accordance with the parameters of the room in which it is to be installed. In order to measure the base moisture and assess its endurance, it is recommended to use the services of professional firms that have the appropriate tools to work. Inspection of the base should be confirmed by the relevant act.
   In addition to meeting the general requirements regarding the room and the foundation on which you plan to lay the wooden floor, you should follow certain rules in the case of a floor heating system.

    More information about the preparatory work, the installation of the floor of “floating system” and “gluing to the base”, the requirements regarding the floor heating system, mounting skirting can be found on the link

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